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Stranger In My Own Skin

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Stranger In My Own Skin (previously known as "strangers") is a Babyshambles song which was officially released in 2013, on their third album, Sequel To The Prequel as a bonus track.

In an interview on Belgium television in August 2009, Peter Doherty said that there where a couple of new songs he was working on, including one called Strangers. Doherty stated that the only lyrics he had worked out for the song so far were; "We're strangers in our own skin". Four videos were later uploaded to Doherty's YouTube account; "stranger in my own skin take one", "stranger take 2", "strangerinmyownskin take 3" and "stranger in my own skin take 4". The song was later introduced as a potential track for Babyshambles' third album during a secret show at the Proud Gallery, Camden, on November 5, 2009.

Appearing on

Sequel To The Prequel Demos BabyshamblesFan mixtape2013-09-06
Sequel to the Prequel (Bonus) BabyshamblesAlbum2013-09-03


Le Krakatoa, Merignac, Bordeaux BabyshamblesLe Krakatoa, Bordeaux2014-02-14
La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2013-02-04
02 Academy, Brixton Peter DohertyBrixton, London2011-09-23
Reading Festival Peter DohertyReading, UK2011-08-28
Le Cabaret Vert Peter DohertyCharleville-Mézières, France 2011-08-27
The Halo, London BabyshamblesLondon, UK2009-11-06

NameStranger In My Own Skin
CreditsPeter Doherty
Peter Wolfe

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