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Paul Dufour

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The Libertines


Paul Dufour (aka Mr. Razzcocks or Razzers) is a former drummer with The Libertines. He began playing drums when he was 15 and joined his first band in Norfolk when he turned 16. He was a lot older than the rest of The Libertines, being in his 50's when the band first started out, though it had been previously rumoured that he was a “70 year old drummer who used to be in The Sex Pistols." When asked in an interview about this, he replied, "That's just Pete's bullshit! When I knew them they were 20 years old and me 50." Dufour left the band after they failed to get signed (stating "I just needed a paying gig, so I left the bullshit behind"), and was replaced by Gary Powell.

Famously, Peter Doherty deserted a Babyshambles gig - that later resulted in a riot - in order to lay down some tracks with Dufour, before once again disappearing into the night. Doherty was told by a reporter that Dufour planned to release early Libertines material held by him, to which Doherty replied, "Fuck Razzcocks, fuck him!” In fact Dufour had, considerably prior to that interview, initiated dialogue via his legal representatives with the other three former Libertines (via their own representatives) with a view to having early Libertines material legitimately released by a major label. Although this was initiated in 2006, nothing has been heard of the tracks being released since, and it looks doubtful as to whether they actually will.

In August 2009, Dufour pushed his way through a crowd and joined Doherty on stage at one of his solo shows unannounced. The pair then played 45 minutes of Libertines songs, including The Domestic, Bucket Shop, Music When the Lights Go Out and Radio America.

NamePaul Dufour


BandsThe Libertines