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The Laptop Laughs [Peter Doherty]

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The Laptop Laughs is the title of a fan-made session, featuring Peter Doherty and Dot Allison. The title of the session is a pun on "The Madcap Laughs" by Syd Barrett.

In April 2006, Andrew Kendall posted a link to two torrents on the official Libertines forum; the first was 1.54 GB and called The Laptop Recordings. This torrent file contained 123 MP3's that Peter Doherty had recorded on his laptop. The songs were sorted out by a fan on Albion Arks called "Raphael", thirteen songs that were previously unheard were selected, their sound quality improved, and these eventually became known as The Laptop Laughs. The run time of these 13 new tracks was around 1 hour, compared to the whole Laptop Recordings that were over ten hours long.

Track Titles
At the time these tracks were sorted out and uploaded, none had been heard before apart from "Tomorrow Never Comes". The rest of the tracks were named by "Raphael" from the Albion Arks forum, either because of their lyrics, or because of the title of the original track. Below are the song titles used for the Laptop Laughs, and their actual titles, if they have been discovered since:
- Mr Meltaugh = Still Unknown
- Dootle = Palace of Bone
- One more chance = Still Unknown
- Rock and Dot and Roll = Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry Cover)
- Sows = Still Unknown
- Cast into a Spurgeon = Arcady
- A Fool There Was = A Fool There Was
- In Deep Water = In Deep Water (Released on Dot Alisons album "Exaltation Of Larks" in 2007)
- Tomorrow Never Comes = Tomorrow Never Comes (Released on Dot Alisons album "Afterglow" in 1999)
- Untitled = Still Unknown
- That Girl = Still Unknown
- Snakey Road = Palace of Bone
- Say Your Prayer For Me = Cuckoo 1440


#1Mr Meltaugh04:09
#3One More Chance03:20
#4Rock and Dot and Roll03:11
#6Cast Into a Spurgeon02:01
#71A Fool There Was05:46
#8In Deep Water04:17
#11That Girl04:27
#12Snakey Road07:17
#13Say Your Prayer For Me03:55


JimboOnSteam Thursday 10.Dec 22:08, 2015
Please reupload, the file is no longer availabe. :/

palethinboy Friday 21.Oct 10:11, 2022
Track 9 is missing?

WhatFan mixtape

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