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Astile Louis Doherty

Person overview


While on The Libertines tour in 2002, Peter Doherty met the lead singer of Kill City, Lisa Moorish. His relatioinship with Lisa resulted in the birth of their son, Astile. At the time of Astile's birth, Pete had wanted to name the boy Peter, because he was convinced he was going to die and wanted his name to live on. Lisa, however would not allow this so they created a name made from both of their first names.

Lisa had already had a daughter,Molly, by Liam Gallagher of Oasis. Molly was conceived just a week after Liam married Patsy Kensit.

Lisa managed to keep Astile's paternity a secret for almost two years, until Pete's press interest grew and the truth was found out. Pete struggled with the responsibility of having a child and rarely saw his son. He was reported saying; "When I can claim to have any sort of control over my own life, I'm going to take some responsibilty for Astile. I love the little fella." Lisa admitted that the distance between father and son was partly her fault as she said she wanted to cut off the relationship until he sorted himself out.