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Adrian Hunter

Person overview


Adrian Hunter is one half of Babyshambles' management team, Lazy Eye Management, which he formed in mid-2005 along with partner Andy Boyd. Hunter used to post frequently on French Dog Writtles forum under the username Babybear and gives fans information about the goings-on in the Shambles camp. Babybear has many admirers, particularly in France.

In January 2009 Hunter began writing a weblog at lazyeyemanagement.blogspot.com containing "Random rantings and info posts by babybear on the subjects of life in general & Babyshambles, Vaults and Peter Doherty specifically! There'll probably be quite a bit about my obsession with filling my belly too."

On October 3, 2009, Hunter's user account on the French Dog Writtles forum was removed by administration due to an internal disagreement. However, he was let back in on November 2nd, 2009.