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The Blinding

Band songlist


The Blinding is track #1 on The Blinding EP, a self-titled EP, which was released in December 2006. During an interview with the NME in June 2006, Doherty said that this track was "sinister", and in October 2006 Zane Lowe called it the "Hottest record right now", on his radio 1 show. Although it was first officially released by Babyshambles, The Blinding has been recorded at least once by Doherty's former band, The Libertines, and featured on their Babyshambles sessions.

In August 2006, Babyshambles gave away a free copy of The Blinding with the Big Issue. The CD that came free with the Big Issue featured a version of The Blinding which was similar (however not the same) as the EP version that would later be released, and it also featured a remix by Mains Ignition. District Judge Jane McIvor called The Blinding a "Good tune", when Doherty appeared before a London court in September 2006 to face sentencing for drug violations.

When a photograph of what appeared to be a tracklisting for Doherty's solo album leaked in January 2006, (after his New Years eve guerrilla gig), The Blinding was written as Track #8. When his debut solo album, Grace/Wastelands was eventually released in 2009, however, the track did not feature.

The music video for The Blinding was directed by Julien Temple. It was filmed in a deserted West London subway station/underpass. The video features the band performing the song in the subway station, or alternatively cooped up in a glass box, with black gaffer tape covering their eyes, all interspersed with random bits and bobs; skulls, a deer, Peter Doherty standing up in an open coffin, a creepy mannequin, "Elvis is dead", a chainsaw and a "blinded" Doherty painting on a wall. The video culminates in a general mirror and guitar smashing session, including Doherty stabbing a mirror with his own reflection in it. Paul Roundhill and The General make short appearances.

Appearing on

Oh What a Lovely Tour BabyshamblesAlbum2008-06-02
The Blinding EP BabyshamblesEP2006-12-04
Get Loaded BabyshamblesSession2006-08-27
The Big Issue (Mains Ignition Remix) BabyshamblesSession2006
The Big Issue (Big Issue Mix) BabyshamblesSession2006
Flophouse Rambles Peter DohertySession2004


Glasgow Barrowlands BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2013-09-04
Sziget Festival BabyshamblesHungary, Budapest2008-08-17
Rock Am Ring Festival 2008 Babyshambles Nurnberg, Germany2008-06-08
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BabyshamblesAncienne Belgique, Brussels2008-02-20
Rhythm Factory Peter DohertyWhitechapel, London 2007-12-16
Capital Fm Arena, Nottingham BabyshamblesNottingham2007-11-30
Wembley Stadium BabyshamblesWembley2007-11-27
Live in Birmingham BabyshamblesBirmingham, UK2006-10-01
Live at Ambassador Theatre, Dublin BabyshamblesDublin, IRL2006-09-26
Dirty South BabyshamblesLondon, UK2006-08-16
Topvar Rockfest, Slovakia BabyshamblesSlovakia2006-07-01
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Come and see the blinding,
It's so blinding,
It's the last thing that you'll ever see.

Well she might be happy or happier,
Than you'll ever be...

So let me show you the blinding,
Last thing you'll ever see,
Well she might be free or free-er,
Free-er than you've ever been.

So what would you do,
If she runs out of time for you,
Where will you go,
There's things to be getting on with
On with, On with, On with, the show.

(Horrific Scream)

Come and see the blinding,
Its so blinding, Its so blinding,
Its the last thing that you'll ever see.

Well let me show you the blinding,
Its so blinding, Its so blinding,
Its the last thing that you'll ever see.

Oh what would you do?
If they run out of time for you.
Well cross all the ropes,
With out you, out you, out you... go
Oh out you go... Oh out you go...

(Pete Speaking - Something along the lines of

"I'll tell you something about this fucked up justice system"

*Incoherent Ramblingings* )

Its so blinding, I mean so blinding,
Its the last thing you'll ever see.
*Mumbles* Last thing you'll ever see...

NameThe Blinding
CreditsPeter Doherty

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