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(I've Got) Sweets

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(I've Got) Sweets is an early, old-fashioned Libertines song, musically a tribute to Django Reinhardt and lyrically referring to drugs ("sweets"). The track contains an introduction of band members (using their nicknames) before the last verse and was often performed for this purpose at gigs.

(I've Got) Sweets was released in 2004, as a B Side track to The Libertines' single, Can't Stand Me Now[1], and refers to John Hassall as "Mr Lombard," Gary Powell as "Mr Rowntree," and Peter Doherty as "the Pigman."

Appearing on

Babyshambles Sessions The LibertinesSession2003-05


12 Bar Club The LibertinesLondon, UK2001-02-26


Well I got sweets
And I got treats
I got gold winged sandals
and they're just flying off my feet

When that ghost ship towing down
these wide open streets
Oh lord, I need my sweets

Well I ain't got no big fancy house ain't got no fancy car
I don't take my holidays in Polynesior
but everywhere I ever go
and everyone I meet, oh lord
I need my sweets

Well, I know some cats
and I know some rats
and I know rude boys,
I know scallywags
I know aristocrats

But everywhere I ever go
and everyone I meet
Oh lord, I need my sweets

Some people they go up
and others they go down
some people they go sideways
I wanna see them spin it all the way round

One thing that I know
is that when I'm in this town,
Oh lord, I need my sweets.

(mumbles about drums, bass,and rhythm)
(pig grunts)

Well, I know a girl,
she's out of this world
but it won't help to buy her no diamonds or no pearls
I'll never have to tell her I'm a liar or cheat coz she brings me my sweets

Name(I've Got) Sweets
BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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