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The Libertines

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(I've Got) Sweets(Barat, Doherty)
7 Deadly Frenchmen
All at Sea
Anything But Love
Arbeit Macht Frei(Doherty)
Barbarians(Barat, Doherty, Ficek)
Begging(Barat, Doherty)
Belly of the Beast(Barat, Doherty)
Bound Together
Boys in the Band(Barat, Doherty)
Breck Road Lover
Bucket Shop
Campaign Of Hate(Doherty)
Can't Stand Me Now(Barat, Doherty, Hammerton)
Chasing Dragons
Cyclops(Doherty, Wolfe)
Dead For Love(Barat, Doherty)
Death on the Stairs(Barat, Doherty)
Dilly Boys(Barat, Doherty)
Don't Be Shy(Barat, Doherty)
Don't Look Back Into The Sun(Barat, Doherty)
Fame and Fortune(Barat, Doherty)
Fury of Chonburi(Barat, Doherty)
General Smuts
Get Thee to a Nunnery
Glasgow Coma Scale Blues(Barat, Doherty)
Glee Maloyer
Gunga Din(Barat, Doherty, Wolfe)
Half-Cocked Boy
Heart of the Matter(Barat, Doherty)
Hooligans on E(Doherty, Welsh)
Hooray For The 21st Century
Horrorshow(Barat, Doherty)
I Get Along(Barat, Doherty)
Iceman(Barat, Doherty)
Last Post On the Bugle(Barat, Bower, Doherty)
Lean as a Runner Bean
Love On The Dole
Lust of the Libertines
Mayday(Barat, Doherty)
Men in White Coats
Mockingbird(Barat, Doherty)
Mr. Finnegan
Music When The Lights Go Out(Doherty)
Never Never(Barat, Doherty)
Oh Pigman Where Art Thou
On the Path of Dalliance Tread Lightly
Pay the Lady
Plan A
Radio America(Barat, Doherty)
Road To Ruin(Barat, Doherty)
Sally Brown
Seven Deadly Sins
She is Far(Doherty)
Sister Sister(Hassall)
Skag & Bone Man(Barat, Doherty)
Skint And Minted
Tell the King(Barat, Doherty)
The Boy Looked at Johnny(Barat, Doherty)
The Delaney(Barat, Doherty)
The Domestic
The God of All Small Things
The Good Old Days(Barat, Doherty)
The Ha Ha Wall(Barat, Doherty)
The Love I Stole
The Man Who Would Be King(Barat, Doherty)
The Saga(Doherty, Roundhill)
Time for Heroes(Barat, Doherty)
Tomblands(Barat, Doherty)
Up the Bracket(Barat, Doherty)
Vertigo(Barat, Doherty)
Walking Under Ladders
We'll Meet Again
What a Waster(Barat, Doherty)
What Became Of The Likely Lads(Barat, Doherty)
What Katie Did(Doherty)
You're My Waterloo(Doherty)