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Insect eating man

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Insect eating man is a Yeti track that was first heard by fans when it was played live by Yeti, and a bootleg version became available via the internet. The track was never released as a demo, but officially released in late 2006 when Yeti released their first EP, "One eye on the Banquet". The track is 3:52, making it the second longest on the EP by one second.
Unlike the other four tracks, "Insect eating man" did not feature on the 7" version of the EP, just the CD single version. Also, while all four other tracks were produced by Craig Silvey, Insect eating man was produced by Justin Saban. The writing credit went to Mark Underwood, who also wrote the first track on the EP, "The last time you go".

Appearing on

Yume! YetiAlbum2007-08-29
One Eye on the Banquet YetiEP2006-10-30

NameInsect eating man