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Unstookie Titled

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Unstookie Titled is track #7 on Babyshambles' second album, Shotter's Nation, with the track credited to Doherty, Ficek and Whitnall. The song was first recorded in November 2006 by Peter Doherty and Mik Whitnall acoustically for their Stookie & Jim Bumfest demos.

Doherty has said that he and Mik have alter egos, (he is "Stookie" and Mik is "Jim"), which is where the title "Unstookie Titled" comes from. Unstookie Titled was the last track on Shotter's Nation to be finished, as Doherty said in an interview with Jonathan Ross (29.06.07) that the album was finished "Apart from one track; Un Stookie Titled".


Capitol, Hannover BabyshamblesCapitol, Hannover Germany2014-03-12
Festival de la Foire aux Vins BabyshamblesThéâtre du Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France2009-08-15
Sziget Festival BabyshamblesHungary, Budapest2008-08-17
Live at FIB Benicassim BabyshamblesBenicassim, Spain2008-07-18
Royal Albert Hall Live (Fuck Forever & Unstookie Titled) Peter DohertyLondon, UK2008-07-12
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BabyshamblesAncienne Belgique, Brussels2008-02-20
Paradiso, Amsterdam BabyshamblesParadiso, Amsterdam2008-02-18
Capital Fm Arena, Nottingham BabyshamblesNottingham2007-11-30
Wembley Stadium BabyshamblesWembley2007-11-27
Glasgow Barfly BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2007-10-21


You smoke your cigarettes down to the bone
And since you vowed to back it and you're too proud to sack it
You have to carry on your own

You think you had it under control
Best foot forward and don't look back no more
It could break your heart and torment your soul

Well, they sold my name after they stole my shame
Sold my name, ah yeah
Tumbled my game, tumbled their game
Got a tablet sized brains, yeah

You smoke your cigarettes down to the bone
And it's best not to mention you're craving for attention
Your love for fame like blood from a stone

Too busy to notice that you've thrown
You turn to dust as there's no one left to trust
Last chance and your mind will go

Suppose my name, suppose it came
And they sold my shame, yeah
And suppose it came out and tumbled their game
Tablet sized brains, yeah

Or is it really such a sin though?
Toll for my sin
Is it such a sin though?

One hand is sailing
One hand is sailing
One hand is sailing
One hand is sailing
One hand is sailing
One hand is sailing

NameUnstookie Titled
CreditsPeter Doherty
Adam Ficek
Mik Whitnall

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