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Lady Don't Fall Backwards

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Lady, Don't Fall Backwards is a song by Peter Doherty , released on his debut solo album, Grace/Wastelands. On February 3rd 2009, the album recording was exclusively made available for streaming on the Clash Music website.

The title refers to Lady Don't Fall Backwards by Darcy Sarto, a whodunnit that Tony Hancock was reading in an episode of Hancock's Half Hour called "The Missing Page" (first shown around March 1960). The book features detective Johnny Oxford and the murder of twenty five United Nations Organisation typists. Hancock arrives at the end of the book and, as the murderer is about to be revealed, realises that some previous reader has torn the last page from the book. The rest of the episode follows Hancock's attempt to turn sleuth himself and deduce the identity of the murderer from the clues in the novel.

According to the BBC, Doherty first recorded the track as a dedication to Hancock, whom he idolized, for The Unknown Hancock, a BBC TWO documentary airing on Boxing Day 2005.


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Once upon a time
When the cold wind that blows
When the cold wind that blows in my heart
It was a summer breeze and she
Would meet me in Chinatown for opium and tea
And she always brought me flowers
But I spared you those old ballads
Or songs that I couldn't play
But every giro day
She'd dress me like a lady boy
And take me out of the way
Don't let the horse chase the new deal away, no
If we make love in the morning
I see your eyes look like two marbles in your head

Lady don't you fall backwards
C'mon and fall into my arms
Aw, don't you fall backwards
Well, I wouldn't want for you to come to any harm
Now tell me, if darkness comes
Then I will sing you a song
And I will love you forever
At least 'til morning comes
Lady don't you fall backwards
Come on and fall into my arms
Come on and fall into my arms
Come on and fall into my arms

NameLady Don't Fall Backwards
BandPeter Doherty
CreditsPeter Doherty

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