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Love Rain O'er Me

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Love Reign O'er Me (or Love Reign Over Me) is a track that is usually played acoustically by Peter Doherty. However, it was first recorded by Doherty and Barat, as part of their Babyshambles sessions in 2003. Although it has never been officially released, quite a few session recordings of Love Reign O'er Me exist on the Internet. Because the song is quite short, it is usually played in tandem with another song, for example, in the HQ sessions 2nd Wave, it is combined with the early Libertines song Through the Looking Glass, and in the Babyshambles sessions, it is combined with Bilo Song (which would later become Monkey Casino).

The introduction this song gets on the Untitled Session is Peter saying "Ok I'll do Love Reign O'er Me 'cause it's got a few insults in it".

Appearing on

Jazz After Dark Peter DohertySession2006
Untitled Album (& Saga) Peter DohertySession2004-04-08
The Liverpool Session Peter DohertySession2004


Heroes Bar Peter DohertyKentish Town, London2011-04-06
Woodstower Festival Peter DohertyGrand Parc De Miribel Jonage, Lyon, France2010-09-03
Paleo Festival Peter DohertyPaleo Festival, Nyon, Swiss2009-07-24
Botanique, Brussels Peter DohertyBotanique, Brussels2009-04-25
Live in Copenhagen Peter DohertyCopenhagen, Denmark2009-04-09
The Mass Peter DohertyBrixton, London2008-06-17


I'll never really understand why I believe you
You're so sly and underhand,
I think I'll leave you now
With everything I stole since we met
I stole no kisses, just some books and the odd cigarette

I never liked South London anyway
It must be true what they say

Oh well, you've scuppered all my best laid plans
I can't believe you just dismiss my pleas right out of hand
I can't believe you've listed everything I stole since we met
But I stole no kisses,
just some books and a butterfly net

It's raining,
(Now it's sunny)
It's raining,
(Now it's sunny)

I never liked twisted hate anyway
It must be true what they say

NameLove Rain O'er Me
BandPeter Doherty

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