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The Liverpool Session [Peter Doherty]

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The Liverpool Sessions are a set of tracks recorded by Peter Doherty ; very similar to the Untitled Album. The only difference is, on the Liverpool sessions, Don't Look Back Into The Sun has been cut out, and two extra tracks have been added; Smashing and Breathe. When Andrew Kendall uploaded the content of " Peter Doherty's My Music" folder in April 2006, it contained a folder called "Unknown Album (08-04-2004 06-36-46)" ; inside this were The Liverpool Sessions.

The session was produced by The Bandit's guitarist, Gary Murphy.


#120Can't Stand Me Now04:38(Barat, Doherty, Hammerton)
#21Monkey Casino (Pipey McGraw)04:20(Doherty)
#318Music When The Lights Go Out05:25(Doherty)
#412The Whole World Is Our Playground02:44(Doherty)
#72Black Boy Lane04:39(Doherty)
#8Shambles Shatter01:15
#99Ballad of Grimaldi05:48(Barat, Doherty)
#104Love Rain O'er Me04:19
#123Sticks and Stones04:41(Doherty, Wolfe)
#135Darling Clementine03:38(Doherty)
#141Curtain Call03:23(Doherty)
#15Track 15 Missing (?)-
#164I Love You But You're Green03:39(Doherty)
#18Untitled & Conversation07:03


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