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Babyshambles is the title of a song that was the first single for band Babyshambles, released in April 2004 on High Society Records. The single was limited to 2,000 copies of the CD and 1,000 copies of the 7" vinyl and both can now be found changing hands for more than £50 on internet auction sites such as eBay. It peaked at number #32 on the UK Singles Chart. Another recorded version of this song was released in 2005 as a B Side to Babyshambles' second single, Fuck Forever. The Fuck Forever B Side version was also released on the B Sides album, exclusive to America. As it is one of the earliest Babyshambles songs, it is rarely played live by the band.

Although this song was only released by Doherty's side-project Babyshambles, it was first heard in 2003 when it was recorded by Doherty's first band The Libertines, for their "Babyshambles sessions".

The B Side track to this single, What Katie Did, was later re-recorded by The Libertines and released on their second, self-titled album. On The Libertines version, Barat takes vocal duties, rather than Doherty. Rumors suggest Doherty gave the vocal duties to Barat as a "Thank You" for accepting him back into the band after his release from prison.

The only other B Side is Flophouse (also known as At the Flophouse), that was co-written by scottish singer-songwriter Dot Allison. The B Side version to Babyshambles, however, only features Doherty on an acoustic guitar.

Appearing on

B-Sides BabyshamblesDemo2006
Fuck Forever (New version) BabyshamblesSingle2005-08-15
Babyshambles Peter DohertySingle2004-05-10
HQ Bethnal Green Demo Sessions BabyshamblesSession2004-02
HQ Sessions Second Wave (Instrumental) BabyshamblesSession2004-02
Babyshambles Sessions (2) The LibertinesSession2003-05
Babyshambles Sessions (1) The LibertinesSession2003-05


Reading Festival (1) BabyshamblesReading Festival, Radio1 NME stage2005-08-27
Glastonbury Babyshambles2005-06-24
Carling Live 24 BabyshamblesUniversity Of London Union2005-04-30
Live in Dublin BabyshamblesDublin, Ireland2004-12-12
The Scala 1st Night BabyshamblesPentonville Rd, London2004-10-06
Glasgow, Garage BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2004-10-03
Norwich, 2004 (1) BabyshamblesNorwich2004-09-26
Up The Shambles (DVD) BabyshamblesThe Ritz Manchester, UK2004-09-23
Live in Leeds BabyshamblesLeeds, UK2004-09-22
Preston Mill BabyshamblesPreston, UK2004-07-06
Rhythm Factory BabyshamblesLondon (Whitechapel), UK2004-05-04


The first news was there's Americans on the shore
Maybe maybe maybe now we're all going to war
Maybe maybe maybe you will be running for the door
oh screaming out for more

Oh-wiee claudie
oh-wiee claudie

This got the tickets and a dirty nose
No one wants to help but everybody knows
Babyshambles and your friends will come to blows

Oh-wiee claudie

You don't need no one
You don't need no one who feels the same old way
Oh it's a shame, we were just getting comfy

The first news was there's Americans on the shore
Arabs on the beach and lovers on the floor
Maybe maybe maybe we are all going to war
Half time the ticet wall will explore

The first news was there's Americans on the shore
Maybe maybe maybe now we're all going to war
Maybe maybe maybe you will be running for the door
oh screaming out for more

CreditsPeter Doherty

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