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Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Band songlist


This track was released as a debut single in March 2005, by Yeti. It was released by London-based independent record label "Moshi Moshi Records". The song also features on the Japanese LP "Yume! " released in 2007.

The CD and Download versions featured 2 B Sides "Working For The Industry" and "Midnight flight", while the 7" version just featured the former. The writing credits for the single are "Hassall/Underwood".
Another version of this track was recorded by Yeti in October 2005, and uploaded to their MySpace page for fans to listen to, along with several other tracks. The track has recently been released on their new album "The Legend of Yeti Gonzales".

Appearing on

The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales YetiAlbum2008-06-09
Yume! YetiAlbum2007-08-29
Cave Demos YetiDemo2005

NameNever Lose Your Sense of Wonder

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