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The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales [Yeti]

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The Legend of Yeti Gonzales is the UK debut album by Yeti, founded in 2005. Although the album is classed as a debut, Yeti previously released a Japanese-only compilation album, Yume!, in 2007. The album was recorded by Yeti in December of 2007, in Eastcote Studios, and released on "Get Up & Go Records".

The Legend of Yeti Gonzales was released in June 2008; almost four years after Yeti were founded by John Hassall, following the breakup of The Libertines. It was reviewed in Gigwise and received 3 and a half out of 5 stars, with the reviewer saying "‘The Legend of Yeti Gonzales’ is a damn fine album to kick back to and enjoy in all its undemanding and straightforward glory." It was also reviewed by The Mirror, who gave it 4/5 stars. The album contains the track Sister Sister, originally written by Hassall and recorded for The Libertines' Legs XI demos, many years before this release.

A Japanese version of 'The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales' was released shortly after the UK release. The Japanese version featuerd the tracks, Working For The Industry, "Dream", "Lolita Ethelred" and Flesh and Bone which were not available on the UK version of the album. The artwork on the Japanese album also differed from the UK version.


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