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Working For The Industry

Band songlist


Working for the Industry is a song by Yeti, the band fronted by Ex-Libertine ass player John Hassall. There is a demo version of this track on the internet that is tagged "2004". If this is accurate, that means that this is one of Yeti's earliest tracks.

The track had an official release, not much later on, as a B Side to Yeti's first single. It was released as a track on all three formats (Digital Download, CD and 7") on 28th March 2005. The track was the shortest of the three on the CD, lasting only 2:22. Unlike most yeti tracks, it hasn't been re-worked or re-released on either Yeti's Japanese compilation LP "Yume!" or Yeti's UK debut album "The Legend of Yeti Gonzales".

Appearing on

Assorted Demos (2004 Demo) YetiDemo2016-04-24

NameWorking For The Industry