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Bucket Shop

Band songlist


Bucket Shop is the title of an early Libertines track that was never officially released during their first run. In 2015, it was announced that the track would feature on The Libertines' third album, due to be released in September that year, as a deluxe edition bonus track.

The track was first recorded by The Libertines as part of their EMI studio demos, and heard by fans when it was included on compilation album, Legs 11. Another version was recorded by an early Babyshambles lineup, for their Chicken Shack sessions.

The lyrics of Bucket Shop indicate a life shattered by drug abuse, with the knowledge of what is happening but no intention of stopping.

Appearing on

Anthems for Doomed Youth (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) The LibertinesAlbum2015-09-11
Chicken Shack Sessions BabyshamblesSession2003-09
Legs 11 The LibertinesDemo2001-09
EMI Studio Demos The LibertinesSessionUnknown


Woodstower Festival Peter DohertyGrand Parc De Miribel Jonage, Lyon, France2010-09-03
La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2008-11-28
Rhythm Factory Peter DohertyWhitechapel, London 2007-12-16
12 Bar Club The LibertinesLondon, UK2001-02-26


Your very first stop was the Bucket Shop
To pick the pieces of your life up
And scream looking glass at all that you despise
You're thinking back to the Chicken Shack
And the smashing of the glass
And the knife in the back
Well my boy who will believe your lies
All your lies
And no one's going to sell you any alibis

Well dirty small town girls
How I wish you were here now
And show me how to be the man, you know
As only you can, as only you can
My White City girl

Well someone said you were an angel
Only what kind of angel
Would whisper hello and shout goodbye
My White City girl

I've seen you go down and one too many times
It chills my bones to sing that line
Oh I love her
And this aching heart of mine

You said you live your life by the Albion creed
So pure in thought and word and deed
Well oh my boy what did you gain
Just empty bottles and stubs out your roots
And holes in the heels of your cowboy boots
That means she'll never forget your name
Or your lies
And no ones going to sell you any alibis