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The Ha Ha Wall

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"The Ha Ha Wall" (or simply "Haha Wall") is track #7 on The Libertines' 2nd album The Libertines. The track is credited to Doherty and Barat. There also exist a couple of rough versions including one by Babyshambles for the Sailor sessions.

In Kids in the Riot, Doherty says of the song, "'The Ha Ha Wall' dates back to the very first night Carl and I, having met and having seen through may be a year of animosity and standing-off, the first night we actually sat down as friends with guitars in about 1998 in Mortlake, above a furniture shop. We used to go down the all-night garage and he would start an argument with the fella and I would nick a load of firewood. We'd go back, get a fire going. He was really proud of his Union Jack tea towel and this old guitar he had, and the first song we wrote together became 'The Ha Ha Wall'" (pp.185-186).


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If you get tired of just hanging around
Pick up a guitar and spin a web of sound
Then you could be strung out all day
with your lovers and clowns
But now I find myself hanging around

It's been a long war we're tired and dirty
Still not dirty enough for you

I've been thieving
I stole the light from the dawn
And if you come round this ledge
you wish you'd never been born
Oh tell me you can see me
Can't you see through it all?
I'm empty lost and alone
Oh won't you heed my call?
It's been a long war we're so tired and dirty
Still not dirty enough for you my love

I'm so tired of hanging around
I'll pick up a guitar and spin a web of soundss

So tired, of hangin around
Just hangin around
just hangin around

NameThe Ha Ha Wall
BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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