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The Libertines

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Interviews and articles

2015-12-13the libertines exclusive: ‘we can’t wait to record another album in thailand’ (Loaded.co.uk)
2015-09-10The Libertines: Anthems for Doomed Youth – a reputation restored (theguardian.com)
2015-09-01The Libertines: Boys in the Band. Canadian music magazine Exclaim!'s extensive historical timeline charting the Libertines' career thus far. (exclaim.ca)
2015-08-27The Libertines: 'It was a row that took 10 years to get over' (theguardian.com)
2015-08-26Libertines biographer Anthony Thornton on how the band have matured, their Camden roots and new album (hamhigh.co.uk)
2015-08-25The Libertines on London, their reunion and ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’ (timeout.com)
2015-08-08The Libertines: 'We don’t really have anything but the music to hold us together' (telegraph.co.uk)
2015-07-31'Anthems For Doomed Youth' - Track By Track First Listen Review (NME.com)
2015-07-28Q Magazine interview (qthemusic.com)
2015-06-17Thai for heroes (NME.com)
2014-08-01The Libertines rehearsed for one hour before comeback gig
2014-07-19XFM interview at Benicassim (xfm.co.uk)
2014-07-09The return of The Libertines (shortlist.com)
2014-07-09Backstage with The Libertines (nme/com)
2014-05-30Gary Powell: 'Libertines reunion not about the money' (musicradar.com)
2014-04-30Interview with Pete Doherty&Carl Barat for NME (NME.com)
2014-04-25Carl Barât about The Libertines reunion: 'We’re back in conversation and it’s like we never lost touch' (timeout.com)
2014-04-25Carl Barât:“I miss the boys and playing the songs together.” (standard.co.uk)
2014-04-25Carl Barât:'It's not the conventional way to organise a reunion but that's the typical Libertines way I guess' (theguardian.com)
2013-12-30Carl Barât vs. Peter Doherty in the Battle for the “The Ballad of Grimaldi” (dontforgetthesongs365.wordpress.com)
2013-06-17Interview with Carl and Gary talking about about new projects, DJing, and the legacy of The Libertines… (new-reviews.co.uk)
2012-10-12Pete Doherty and Carl Barât: 'The Libertines were an accident at birth' (theguardian.com)
2010-08-17The Libertines and their fans:
They threw impromptu gigs, pulled beer-soaked all-nighters and tattooed their fans. As the Libertines reform, Tim Jonze salutes the band that put the madness back into pop
2010-04-03The Libertines reunion NME interview (Scans) (ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com)
2004-08-30After 2002's Up the Bracket gained virtually unanimous acclaim both in North America and the UK, it would make sense that a considerable amount of hype would be awaiting the Libertines' self-titled sophomore release.. Interview with Carl (junkmedia.org)
2004-08-28The Libertiens 'Wij Hebben Geen Geheimen' (!Dutch Only!) (kindamuzik.net)
2004-07-30Us against the world. Widely regarded as the best rock act in Britain, the Libertines have been ripped apart by the drug-addicted antics of guitarist Pete Doherty. Meanwhile, fellow Libertine Carl Barat has been trying to save his friend - and the band .. (theguardian.com)
2004-00-00'A little volatility doesn't hurt' (prefixmag.com)
2003-06-00Interview with Carl in Glastonbury (rockfeedback.com)
2003-06-00On the road with the best new band in Britain (telegraph.co.uk)
2003-03-13Catching up with The Libertines (efestivals.co.uk)
2003-01-10'We believe in melody, hearts and minds': The Libertines might be the product of a cult novel: they've lived in a brothel, quote Oscar Wilde and are obsessed with Albion. (theguardian.com)
2002-00-00"You know - Arcadia? The realm of the infinity?" (rockfeedback.com)