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Ballad of Grimaldi

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Ballad of Grimaldi is the title of a song originally recorded by The Libertines for their Babyshambles sessions, in May 2003. Since then, the song has been recorded many times by Peter Doherty as a solo track, and was eventually released in August 2009 as a B Side to his second solo single, Broken Love Song, though it is credited to Doherty/Barat.

Ballad of Grimaldi has also been played live by Dirty Pretty Things and later solo by Carl Barat, who has introduced it as "one I wrote with Pete" and "an old song from a dirty little basement in Camden."


La Maroquinerie (encore w/ Deadcuts) Peter DohertyParis, France2013-02-05
La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2013-02-04
Le Cabaret Vert Peter DohertyCharleville-Mézières, France 2011-08-27
Paleo Festival Peter DohertyPaleo Festival, Nyon, Swiss2009-07-24
Eurockéennes de Belfort Peter DohertyMalsaucy, France2009-07-04
Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline Carl BaratCarnegie Hall, Dunfermline2009-06-09
Botanique, Brussels Peter DohertyBotanique, Brussels2009-04-25
Live in Copenhagen Peter DohertyCopenhagen, Denmark2009-04-09
Popscene San Franscisco Carl BaratSan Franscisco, US2009-01-08
The Mass Peter DohertyBrixton, London2008-06-17
The Torriano Peter DohertyKentish Town, London2008-03-20
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While there's still a fighting chance
Can't you just get up and go
And get away from this hollow romance
It's slowly binding us both
Because you'll tell me what you want and I'll avoid it
Tell it to the sick and to the damned
Show me what you love, watch me destroy it
For love just crumbles in my hands

But if you stay for a while..
I'll try to think of something kind to say
And maybe if we pray for a while
St. Jude might hear my pleas
And see me on my knees

Because she knows how I adore you
We won't be fighting again tonight
Not if she knows I adore you
No fighting again tonight..

I laugh and fall just like Grimaldi
You wear your make-up like Baby Jane
All of those promising lies that you told me
Come on and tell me them again

Oh well, I walked these streets all of my life..
The fear and hope at every turn
She took him to Stepney and made him a wife
Oh you know yeah you know they'll crash and burn

Because she'll tell him what she wants and he'll avoid it
May as well tell it to the sick and to the damned
Show him what you love, watch him destroy it
For love seems to crumble in his hands