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Black Boy Lane

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Black Boy Lane is a Babyshambles song, officially released as a B-side for the Fuck Forever single, in 2005. Babyshambles have not played the song live since Patrick Walden's departure in 2006, however, the song was one of the highlights of Babyshambles' "Frog Tour".

Black Boy Lane has been recorded several times solo by Peter Doherty in sessions, and is still played at Doherty's acoustic gigs. When asked what his favourite Libertines song was in an interview, Doherty said "'Black Boy Lane' - It scares the fuck out of me."


The Halo, London BabyshamblesLondon, UK2009-11-06
The Mass Peter DohertyBrixton, London2008-06-17
Reading Festival (1) BabyshamblesReading Festival, Radio1 NME stage2005-08-27
Rock En Seine BabyshamblesParis, France2005-06-27
Glastonbury Babyshambles2005-06-24
Carling Live 24 BabyshamblesUniversity Of London Union2005-04-30
Live in Dublin BabyshamblesDublin, Ireland2004-12-12
The Scala 1st Night BabyshamblesPentonville Rd, London2004-10-06
Glasgow, Garage BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2004-10-03
Norwich, 2004 (1) BabyshamblesNorwich2004-09-26
Up The Shambles (DVD) BabyshamblesThe Ritz Manchester, UK2004-09-23
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aint going back to black boy lane,
No I aint going back to black boy lane,
There must be some other way,
Because I aint going back to black boy lane,
Never again...

Do you think you can help?
Can't you make me a call?
We're so near to town,
I can't get nothing at all
Today, are you dancing today?

15 Track-suits coming up my lane,
15 Track-suits coming up my lane,

There's the men; the ones you must lay,
In which you must lay down and die,

Oh as opposed to strutting all day,
Strutting all night,
Strutting on 'brown,'
Strutting on 'white,'

All day,
Are you dancing today?

Ah there's a bullet there with my name,
So I aint going back to black boy lane,
Never, never again,

What about the fella you knew from sometime before,
In the house by the park with a cage on the door,
You phone and you say, are you dancing today?
Are we dancing today?

NameBlack Boy Lane
CreditsPeter Doherty

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