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Nothing Comes to Nothing

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Nothing comes to Nothing (previously known as Cell Ceiling Blues) is the title of a track from Babyshambles' third album, Sequel to the Prequel, released in 2013. It was initially producer by Adem Hilmi and the demo version leaked on internet by the end of 2012. When the demo leaked, Hilmi said on a forum post at French Dog Writtle;

"I'm sad to see this demo leaked. It's a first cut made only to give Peter a basses to structure his lyrics. As nice as it is to see people responding to it, I'm sure you can understand it was never meant to be uploaded and it is a very early mix. We have infact redeveloped this demo, and in true shambles style, capturing some of the best vocal takes iv had to work with so far and decorated with lead guitar by Peter. (As iv always thought he is a wicked lead guitarist)...
Don't be to harsh on that demo, it was a stepping stone to make the current version, which I can say, certainly kicks ass."

The track was first made available for streaming prior to the album release, and is the first song to be released off the album as a single.

The song was the first new material to be heard from Babyshambles since the release of their Shotter's Nation album in 2007. The line-up for the new disc was vocalist Peter Doherty, lead guitarist Mick Whitnall, bass guitarist Drew McConnell and drummer Adam Falkner.

This song was originally written by Mick Whitnall. Drew McConnell told NME: "It's classic 'shambles. Initially it was Mick's song, then Pete added the lyrics."

Doherty added: "Stephen Street's mix of it made me think of Morrissey, and at first I wasn't too happy about that. But when I heard the final version it actually made me cry."

The song's music video was directed by Katia deVidas, and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the band's life on the road, including footage from their gig at Paris's Place de la République on July 8, 2013.


Rock Werchter Babyshambles2014-07-06
Best Kept Secret Festival BabyshamblesBeekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek NL2014-06-21
Rock Am Ring BabyshamblesNürburg2014-06-08
Capitol, Hannover BabyshamblesCapitol, Hannover Germany2014-03-12
Roundhouse, Camden BabyshamblesCamden Roundhouse, London2014-03-10
Le Krakatoa, Merignac, Bordeaux BabyshamblesLe Krakatoa, Bordeaux2014-02-14
Docks, Hamburg BabyshamblesHamburg, Germany2014-01-29
Huxleys Neue Welt BabyshamblesBerlin, Germany2014-01-28
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BabyshamblesBrussels Belgium 2014-01-16
Paradiso, Amsterdam BabyshamblesParadiso, Amsterdam2014-01-15
Rockhal, Luxembourg Babyshambles2014-01-14
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Won't you come, come back to earth
Say all concerned
You know how they're worried for you..
And all their words, they jar my nerves I know
Each cursed by each and kisses run through

Nothing comes to nothing without my baby,
Nothing ever comes to nothing without my baby

That's Amwellian do, tongue soaked in booze
Says 'he's filthy and much older than you'
And the sea sick muse
The sickly new pulls out the sickle so shiny cuts the tongue in two

And the music sways, it forays and searches and says:
'Give me all the young and the blue'
And the music sways, it forays and surges and says:
'I'll break your heart in two'

Nothing comes to nothing without my baby
Nothing ever comes to nothing with my baby
All I ever do...

Where's the happy Prince?
Well, where's the smilling Bride?
He's right beside you oh

Nothing ever comes to nothing without my baby ah no
Nothing is ever good for nothing with that lady.

NameNothing Comes to Nothing
CreditsPeter Doherty
Stephen Street
Mik Whitnall

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