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Fireman is the name of a Babyshambles song which was first recorded as part of the "Doghouse Sessions"; demo tracks for the band's second album, Shotter's Nation. Despite this, it didn't see an official release on Shotter's Nation and was later introduced as a potential track for Babyshambles' third album during a secret show at the Proud Gallery, Camden, on November 5, 2009. Doherty introduced the song as, "About a junkie in Portugal – the only country England have never been at war with. Unless you count Australia".

From Drew's blog: "Next up we tackled Fireman, a new bonehead-basic Punk song about a certain trip Jim and Stookie took to Portugal... "

Fireman was officially released on Babyshambles' 3rd album, Sequel to the Prequel in 2013.


Rock Werchter Babyshambles2014-07-06
Best Kept Secret Festival BabyshamblesBeekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek NL2014-06-21
Rock Am Ring BabyshamblesNürburg2014-06-08
Capitol, Hannover BabyshamblesCapitol, Hannover Germany2014-03-12
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Live in Nancy BabyshamblesNancy, France2013-07-19
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Down in the mane orange
With the pimps and the peddlers
Looking like Colombo
Feeling like Holmes The Meddler

It's breakfast time
Have a pot of wine
Sucking on a bone
Chewing on a microphone

I am a fireman
I live in a Lisbon bus shelter
I am The Fireman
Satan's little helper

All the brits abroad
Looking for an easy score
Talk about North Korea
And think about your career

I am a fireman
I live in a Lisbon bus shelter
I am The Fireman
Says I am a fireman
I am a fireman
At the fireman's convention
In Buenos Aires
Says I am a fireman

CreditsPeter Doherty
Drew McConnell
Mik Whitnall

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