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Delivery is track #2 on Babyshambles' second album, Shotter's Nation, and the track is credited to Doherty and Mik Whitnall. Delivery was first heard when it was included in the Stookie and Jim Bumfest Demos, that were uploaded to the French Dog Blues forum. The song has since been re-recorded by Babyshambles, and released three times. Its first release was when it was given away with the NME on 12th September 2007, then it was released as a single on September 17th, and it was finally released on Shotter's Nation on 1st October 2007. The single peaked in the UK charts at #6.

Q magazine rated Delivery number 1 of the 50 Essential Songs for September 2007. Delivery was also The Track Of The Week an the issue of the NME with Peter Doherty on the cover, in August 2007.

The music video was directed by Douglas Hart, who had worked with Doherty on a number of previous occasions. The video was premiered on Channel 4 on Saturday August 18, 2007 at 12:12 am. The entire video has a monochrome look and was shot on colour stock, Super 8 and high contrast black and white 35mm film. The video mainly features a miming Doherty pacing purposely down the middle of a deserted city street, dark suited and fedora hatted.

The pace of the video speeds up, with rhythmic freeze frames and zooms, as it cuts between Doherty and McConnell, Whitnall and Ficek – who are seen driving a Jaguar. The video also features Doherty playing around with his hair in front of a mirror. One of Doherty's kittens gets a look in at one point during the video and a quick glimpse of Doherty's new "Astile" tattoo is seen. The video culminates with all the band members taking an upbeat night-time city tour from their Jaguar car.


Rock Werchter Babyshambles2014-07-06
Best Kept Secret Festival BabyshamblesBeekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek NL2014-06-21
Rock Am Ring BabyshamblesNürburg2014-06-08
Capitol, Hannover BabyshamblesCapitol, Hannover Germany2014-03-12
Roundhouse, Camden BabyshamblesCamden Roundhouse, London2014-03-10
Le Krakatoa, Merignac, Bordeaux BabyshamblesLe Krakatoa, Bordeaux2014-02-14
Docks, Hamburg BabyshamblesHamburg, Germany2014-01-29
Huxleys Neue Welt BabyshamblesBerlin, Germany2014-01-28
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BabyshamblesBrussels Belgium 2014-01-16
Paradiso, Amsterdam BabyshamblesParadiso, Amsterdam2014-01-15
Rockhal, Luxembourg Babyshambles2014-01-14
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By or by the way of an explanation
Cast adrift off the shores of shotter's nation
I had a lick it caved my skull in like a brick
Oh now what use am I to anyone
I'm fucked, forlorn, frozen beneath the summer
Don't sing along or you'll get what I got

Here comes a delivery straight from the heart of my misery
Here comes a delivery straight from the heart to you

Yeah you now you now you you've finally left school
Oh what on earth do you intend to do
See if you can tick the man go downtown
Where all you skins and mods you get together
Make pretend it's 1969 forever
Find a girl have a drink have a dance and pray

This song might deliver me straight from the harshness of misery
Cos this song's a delivery straight from the heart to you
Yes here comes a delivery straight from the heart of my misery
This song might deliver me straight from the heart to you

Yes here comes a delivery straight from the heart of the misery
Here comes a delivery straight from the heart to you

CreditsPeter Doherty
Mik Whitnall

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