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Libertines Babyshambles Peter Doherty Other Albion Songs/rarities

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Peter Doherty

2014-06-01Session 2Peter Doherty Clouds Hill Session
2014-02-01Mixtape 6Peter Doherty #1 (Up the) Albion Radio
2013-06-18ConcertPeter Doherty The Garage, Uplands, Swansea
2013-03-08Concert 1Peter Doherty Caprices Festival
2013-02-05ConcertPeter Doherty La Maroquinerie
2013-02-04Concert 1Peter Doherty La Maroquinerie
2012-07-28Concert 1Peter Doherty Ronquières Festival
2012-03-13Concert 2Peter Doherty The Kooples
2011-12-29Session 1Peter Doherty Albion Rooms Sessions
2011-09-23Concert 1Peter Doherty 02 Academy, Brixton
2011-09-21ConcertPeter Doherty Liquid Rooms
2011-09-11ConcertPeter Doherty Parc de Bagatelle, We Love Green
2011-08-28ConcertPeter Doherty Reading Festival
2011-08-27ConcertPeter Doherty Le Cabaret Vert
2011-04-06ConcertPeter Doherty Heroes Bar
2010-09-03Concert 1Peter Doherty Woodstower Festival
2010-07-07ConcertPeter Doherty Cité de la Musique
2010-04-04ConcertPeter Doherty Ricos Music Club
2009-11Session 1Peter Doherty MTV Akustik
2009-09-19Concert 1Peter Doherty Roundhouse, Camden
2009-07-24Concert 1Peter Doherty Paleo Festival
2009-07-04Concert 1Peter Doherty Eurockéennes de Belfort
2009-06-27Concert 1Peter Doherty The Other Stage, Glastonbury
2009-04-25ConcertPeter Doherty Botanique, Brussels
2009-04-09Concert 1Peter Doherty Live in Copenhagen
2009-03-02Session 6Peter Doherty L'Album De La Semaine
2008-11-28ConcertPeter Doherty La Maroquinerie
2008-07-12Concert 1Peter Doherty Royal Albert Hall Live
2008-06-17Concert 2Peter Doherty The Mass
2008-05-18Concert 1Peter Doherty Glasgow Barrowlands
2008-03-20Concert 1Peter Doherty The Torriano
2007-12-16Concert 3Peter Doherty Rhythm Factory
2007-06-23ConcertPeter Doherty Glastonbury
2007-04-12ConcertPeter Doherty An Evening With Pete Doherty Pt.1
2006Session 3Peter Doherty Jazz After Dark
2004-09-12ConcertPeter Doherty Brick Lane Festival
2004-08Session 2Peter Doherty Shaking And Withdrawn Megamix
2004-07-13Concert 2Peter Doherty Rhythm Factory
2004-04-08Session 3Peter Doherty Untitled Album
2004-04-06Session 1Peter Doherty Whitechapel Demonstrations
2004-04Session 4Peter Doherty Acousticalullaby (Skag & Bone Mix)
2004-04Mixtape 1Peter Doherty Only Peons Make Excuses
2004Session 2Peter Doherty Flophouse Rambles
2004Mixtape 1Peter Doherty The Freewheelin' Pete Doherty
2004Session 1Peter Doherty The Liverpool Session
2004Session 3Peter Doherty Work In Progress
2003-05SessionPeter Doherty Jam sessions
UnknownSession 4Peter Doherty Laptop Recordings
UnknownMixtape 2Peter Doherty The Laptop Laughs

NamePeter Doherty

Born44 years, 12.Mar 1979
Hexham, Northumberland

Instrum.Vocals, guitar

The Libertines

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