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Don't Look Back Into The Sun

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Don't Look Back Into the Sun is a Libertines single, credited to Doherty and Barat. The title, a combination of "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis and "Ride Into the Sun" by the Velvet Underground, possibly refers to the biblical tale of Lot's wife, who looked back upon her city being destroyed as she was fleeing and turned into a pillar of salt. However, the general meaning of the song is to forget and move on from the past, particularly from people. NME Magazine awarded it single of the week upon its release, and in May 2007, placed it at number 5 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever, one place ahead of Time for Heroes.

The recording was produced by Bernard Butler, who also played rhythm guitar on the track. Butler later said of the experience, "I'm really proud of it cos it was a real ordeal doing it. It was a triumph that it came out at all. Even when it comes on now I turn it up and think, what a great record. It's not true I played lead guitar on the riff. That's Carl's - he wrote it, he played it. Peter never turned up so I ended up playing the rhythm part. I had to do that cos Carl was singing. I was literally standing at the desk with the guitar around my neck directing the band. The idea was, when Peter turned up he'd replace it, but that never happened, so my playing got used in the final mix.

"It was one of the biggest endurance tests of my life - Peter just wasn't there, and when he did turn up he did the bare minimum. He wasn't in a good way. It was at the height of the tensions in the band. I was there to do a job, to make this record. But Carl, John, and Gary worked really hard even though it was getting them down, being let down. But Peter did do a beautiful vocal - did the first verse, a couple of lines of the chorus, he was gone in an hour. They gave me a demo in New York and it was really slow and only had one chorus in it. So I got them to repeat it, and cut up some of it. But what a beautiful song - who cares what way it was made? It was a ridiculous way to make a record, but you know, Peter's imprints all over it, it was his choice to go about it that way. But I felt sorry that he was missing out on it. When I played him the final mix he just stood there smiling and I thought, 'You cheeky git, you weren't even bloody there.'"

Once interviewer asked Pete: "you talk about a song at the dead disco that started fast and ended slow. Which song was it?" And Pete asnswered: "I could tell you the answer to that but I don't know if I want to really, it's a bit silly. It's just when Carl did this bit of DJing and he put the record on at the wrong speed and he really didn't realise it was the wrong speed, it was Blue Monday by New Order and he didn't realise it was the wrong speed until the vocals came in and then he put it on to the other speed. Everyone was going what the fuck but he just thought they were having it."


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Don’t look back into the sun
Now you know that the time is come
And they said it would never come for you oh oh oh oh

Oh my friend you haven’t changed
You're looking rough and living strange
And I know you got a taste for it too oh oh oh

They'll never forgive you but they wont let you go, oh no
She'll never forgive you but she won't let you go, oh no

Don't look back into the sun
You've cast your pearls but you're on the run
And all the lies you said, who did you save?

But when they played that song at the Death Disco
It started fast but it ends so slow
And all the time it just reminded me of you

They'll never forgive you but they wont let you go (LET ME GO!)
She'll never forgive you but she wont let you go, oh no.

NameDon't Look Back Into The Sun
BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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